Personal Statement
Currently my work reflects how our perspectives still continue to be shaped by traditional and colonial ideals: Acts of dominance, aggression & oppression. These ideals manifest themselves through issues that revolve around the themes of: immigration, racism, violence, religion (etc) and target disenfranchised communities, specifically black & brown people of color.
In my practice as an independant teaching artist, I work with many low-income neighborhoods, schools & communities through out the city of Chicago. A lot of these kids wear the same face I did as a kid when I first came into this country. They feel isolated. They do not understand the language. They feel different and are having a hard time trying to integrate. The history books don’t reflect their lifestyle and the people on television do not look like them. Now they have witnessed a majority of the voting population that has catapulted into power a colonial ideal determined to work against them, strip them of their human dignity and shame them for being different, cultured and beautiful.
 In my work I challenge these perspectives/barriers and confront this colonial ideals determined to own through aggression, dominance and fear. The same social/racial issues that incoming immigrants and new generations of Mexicans or Latinos still face today.

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