As an independent teaching artist, I partner with arts organizations such as Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE), Chicago Public Schools, park districts, community centers, etc. teaching a variety of visual arts which include: rigorous arts education integration, modern arts, cultural arts, public art and mural making (painted and mosaic). My role as an Arts Educator have given me the opportunity to work with many diverse communities within the city of Chicago, Detroit and West Africa.

As a teaching artist, I am not just a guest instructor. I work along researchers and collaborate with instructors in order to create, shape and develop a relevant arts integrated curriculum that fit the learning dynamic for their classroom/community. It takes time and dedication to teach visual arts or arts education. I often teach at multiple sites across the city in a given day.
My method of teaching allows students to pay attention to their art processes and their way of thinking so that they can create an honest, artistic interpretation of themselves or their community. Just like in my own art making practice, I see the importance of how personal histories affects the creative art making process. When it comes to working with individuals who have no experience with the visual arts student need to investigate with-in themselves in order to find their voice.
It is important that each classroom, community or neighborhood I work with produces artwork that has substance, meat, and a fury that will engage the viewer. That no matter the art medium, it’s authenticity comes across as intense, powerful, subtle honest and genuine.
“We are each individuals who come from rich histories, struggles, achievements and failures. I want the student artists to have an unforgettable art making process, which allows them to take complete ownership of the work”.
—juan-carlos perez