During the 2020 pandemic, I had the opportunity to participate in ART CLOUT'S: UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE Project and use art as a means to connect with individuals across the nation. I created 10 small works on paper and gave them to 10 different people, whom I've never met before (across the United Sates of America).  I did not create a work specifically for an individual. I did not see where the artwork was going or to whom it was going too. Until I placed each artwork into it's own self-addressed stamped envelope and kept it out of eye's view until the work was ready to be mailed.
I only made sure the size of the artwork was measured according to the envelope. I began each art work with a blank slate. Mixing, pushing and pulling the paint until a thread of direction formed, leading me to creatively explore until a concept, theme or inquiry emerge. This process led me to a space where I could fully immerse into my creative process without thinking about an audience. An environemnt where  I could bring an honesty to the exploration of the work, reflective of the themes, concepts and ideas pertaining to the over all body of my work. Get to a place where i find freedom to roam and explore within my art making processes.

I felt it especially important to participate in this artmaking exercise during this time because this project was created in response to the pandemic. A time where physical, social interaction is no longer permitted and mask coverings hide half of our faces. The last couple of months of the 2020 presidential election was a time when the USPS was being politicized, vilified as flawed, corrupt and inept by the current presidential administration or Republican party.

The United States Postal Service Project (USPS) is an Art CLOUT mail art project that aims to connect people from across America with artists (mainly from Long Beach, CA) with no physical interaction due to the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic.

Art Clout is a group of Long Beach artists exploring new ways to bring visibilty and exhibition opportunities for emerging artists. A handful of artists who want to see this city become known for more than an old boat, 90s gangster rap and Art Deco (respectively).